Cross Creek Farms Premium Hybrid Watermelons

William Manis Produce Marketing packs and ships in excess of 1,000 loads of premium quality, hybrid seedless and seeded watermelons every year, from farms in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Indiana and Michigan The company has been shipping the highest quality fruit that money can buy since the end of the 1950’s. Based on our customers satisfaction level, we know we do it right!

Our record of arrivals and acceptance from our supermarket customers is proof of the sophisticated watermelon program that William Manis Produce Marketing has in place. On time delivery, high quality, good red cutters, and aggressive promotional support, are the ways in which William Manis Produce Marketing satisfies its customers’ needs.

Our watermelons come from the finest hybrid seed that money can buy. Our fields are carefully tended in order to produce the “top of the market” quality for the discerning customer. Our farms are strategically located over a wide geographical area to account for weather, growing and transportation conditions.

We maintain a state of the art packing house in Ocala Florida, Cross Creek Farms. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Doyle Bennet, we operate our carton and binning program and double grade our melons by running our fruit over roller brushes after careful field harvesting .This process gives us excellent quality control. After a final hands-on inspection by Doyle, our fruit is ready to go to market.

William Manis Produce Marketing takes food safety issues very seriously. Under Doyle’s supervision, we have earned excellent scores from sanitation testing by the firm of A.S.I. Food Safety Consultants.

Many, if not most of the growers and crews that Doyle supervises, have been with William Manis Produce Marketing since the mid 50’s. Many are second generation with the company.

Our Cross Creek Farms watermelon program begins in mid April and runs through Mid November. From December through spring, William Manis Produce Marketing is able to supply premium seedless and seeded watermelons through our import division.


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